Top Trends in Enterprise Apps from MEES13′ | #FutureProof


Too swamped for formal post so here are the noteworthy trends from locking up all the top enterprise mobility experts in a room (well 4 seasons in Dallas, Texas) for a few days and having think tanks and conversations.

Mobile Enterprise’s MEES13 Mobile Enterprise Executive Summit

  • Dual Personas: Do your employees want one for both personal and work, or separate? (What do you prefer? -> Tweet me or Google
  • “Future Proof”: the term called when your enterprise is on BlackBerry and you need to switch to iOS or Android. (Blackberry was the running joke in every talk – #FutureProof)
  • Secure data not just the app. Long passionate debate here.
  • Landmark Case was mentioned that an Enterprise App was on a device, who’s owner hit another car he/she was not using that app – but since it was there  and technically the user could. The (victim)  hit motorist sued the enterprise. Blog post to follow with better/more info.
  • Where is all the iOS innovation going? Is Google starting to go a little evil?
  • MDM is a nightmare. The whole room sighed relief hearing it wasn’t just them. Unreliable, but getting better.
  • How strict is your mobile policy? Blocking: dropbox on device? Backups? Screen captures? Some CIOs say “heck, you can email work data to your personal account too, lets not get too crazy. There has to be layer of trust and terms users follow”
  • My favorite part (Im biased) Is we broke into groups and I was “picked on” to answer Tech Adoption question. Little did they know Im the enterprise app adoption guy!

Long story short. Great time at the Summit cant wait for next year in FLL. Thanks Mobile Enterprise and all my new friends!

ps: Felt like a sleep away  summer camp for mobility geeks to talk scary stories about blackberry and chat over latest tech news under the covers till late hours of the night

pps: #FutureProof  – hahah


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