VAR – Reseller Mobile App Expert Interview: IT Rockstar, Joe Reithmeier with Miles Technologies

Today we virtually sit down with IT rockstar, Joe Reithmeier.  He is one of the top IT dogs at Miles Technologies, to hear his thoughts on mobility. Lets get right into it.

For newcomers – What is a VAR, you ask?

Its a value added reseller. They are the ones who bring all sorts of tech goodies and expertise to businesses or simply my slag term is “tech concierges.”


1. What priorities in mobility are you seeing from your customers?

Mobility isn’t new. Smart phones and tablets are ubiquitous in our lives, and their inclusion in business activities is expected. Miles Technologies partners with many different types of businesses, and they all expect to use mobile devices as part of their everyday business lives. So it’s not so much a priority to use these devices as it is an expectation that they are part of their current business practices.

2. How has your VAR business been impacted by smartphones and tablets? 

Smart phones and tablets have added a new delivery channel to many businesses. At Miles Technologies, we support people, not devices. So we believe the value of our services increases with each new way to analyze and protect data and deliver automation.

3. Do you see the mobility movement a threat to your business or an opportunity?

We view mobility as an opportunity. Miles Technologies is in the business of helping people do more. We do this through the implementation and management of technology. Smart phones and tablets represent additional tactics in our arsenal to develop solutions to help our customers.

4. What kind of mobility services and products have your customers been asking for?

Mobility represents a competitive requirement for our customers. They need to embrace the technology because their customers expect them to. The list of products and services they need is long; here are some of the most popular solutions we’ve helped our customers implement:

  • Responsive Websites – More than half of the United States’ internet usage now comes from mobile devices. Miles Technologies has helped many of our customers launch or re-launch their websites so that they are optimized to the device that is viewing them.

  • Enhanced Security – Mobility represents new security challenges, especially for our customers in the financial and medical vertical. Auditors are focusing on cybersecurity within regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and GLBA, and Miles Technologies helps our customers remain compliant through securing mobile devices without degrading their capabilities.

  • Mobile Solutions – Miles Technologies is partnering with our customers to shorten their supply chains through the implementation of mobile and wireless solutions.

  • Custom Software – Many of our customers have developed their own ideas on how to use mobile devices, but need software to drive their vision. Miles Technologies has worked with these customers to quickly develop and implement custom software.

5. Have any of your customers asked about building apps for their employees or partners?

Yes. Miles Technologies has developed custom software solutions since our inception in 1997, it’s in our DNA.Tablets and smart phones represent the latest (and maybe the best) delivery option for our developers. Our customers are very smart, and they’ve been asking us about mobile apps since the devices became available.

6. So I hear Miles Technologies has some big news coming out. Whats the latest “dish”?

Miles Technologies succeeds by helping people do more through the implementation and management of technology. It’s our passion. To that end, we’ve launched BUSINESS™. BUSINESS™ is a web-based business operations solution designed to provide companies with a cohesive, affordable business platform featuring robust analytics, fast functionality and industry leading operations management. Best yet, BUSINESS™ is built for every business. We believe it will become the defacto-standard in business automation and represents the best next step for Miles

Technologies to reach and help more people.

Awesome Interview. Make sure you check out Miles Technologies twitter and shoot them a follow!

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