VAR – Reseller Mobile App Expert Interview: Martin Jack, CTO of Barcoding

Some say 2015 is the year of the Goat, but I say its the year of the VAR!

What is a VAR?  Its a value added reseller. They are the ones who bring all sorts of tech goodies and expertise to businesses or simply my slag term is “tech concierges.”

So we are switching from last year’s 2014 enterprise mobile app expert IT Rockstar Interviews to [VAR]Reseller Mobile App Expert ones.


So who is up first in this VAR mobility expert series? None other then – Martin Jack, CTO of Barcoding, Inc.

Martin Jack VAR Apps, CTO

1. What priorities in mobility are you seeing from your customers?


Device management and security are at the top of the list when it comes to deploying mobile

devices. Customers are turning to Barcoding, Inc. for help in securing the devices and managing

the mobile applications.


2. How has your VAR business been impacted by smartphones and tablets?


With the introduction of smartphones and tablets into the workforce, we are now asked to

stage and support these devices across multiple verticals. This has allowed us to offer new

bundled services that are beneficial to our customers. As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in

our Professional Services business.


3. Do you see the mobility movement a threat to your business or an opportunity?


Big opportunity. The advancement of mobility (always connected, GPS, faster processors) has

allowed Barcoding, Inc. to offer solutions that make our clients more efficient, accurate, and

connected throughout the supply chain. These solutions enable customers to react in the

moments that matter.


4. What kind of mobility services and products have your customers been asking for?


As one of the leading systems integrator in the mobility space, Barcoding, Inc. caters to many

verticals. However, we continue to see a demand for systems that help our customers manage

their supply chains more efficiently and accurately. Customers are utilizing mobility to track

assets – from raw material to product delivery – and they are turning to Barcoding, Inc. as a

trusted partner.


5. Have any of your customers asked about building apps for their employees or partners?


Yes. As a systems integrator, we also have a Software Services group. Today more than ever, our

customers are looking for applications that they can provide to their employees, vendors, and

customers. These apps are used by all entities to capture data that allow our customers to

better analyze every step of the supply chain and make smarter decisions, sooner rather than

later. For example, apps allow vendors to provide real-time inventory counts or obtain real-time

feedback from customers to help build better products.


6. So heard you have had a crazy year too, over at Barcoding, Inc. What’s your big news in VAR space?


Barcoding, Inc. recently expanded our service offerings with the creation of a new practice area,

Supply Chain Architecture by Barcoding™. Using a holistic approach, this division identifies,

formulates, and manages perfect order fulfillment processes to help clients to pinpoint and then

eliminate waste in the supply chain. From a product standpoint, we’ve recently launched an

updated version of our web-based software platform, CaptureSoft eXpress™. This platform

allows users to easily and effectively build customized data capture applications from a mobile

device. The new version is even more flexible with additional data collection capabilities, a

richer user interface, and cross-platform compatibility.


A big thanks to Martin Jack and all of team Barcoding, Inc!


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Daniel DiMassa [Mobile App Expert Blogger] builds enterprise apps at InnoviMobile, blogs at EnterpriseAdoption and is obsessed with tweeting about mobile apps at @TheDiMassa[/author_info] [/author]

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