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Mobile Apps for All

Its 2015 lets act like it! Every single one of us use apps constantly, heck many of you are reading this on mobile, right?

So why should App Development be this scary unknown difficult process?  Yet – every business I interview, small to enterprise, says that a custom business app “would be awesome and could speed things up around here”

But here is my unofficial/off record version.

We teamed up with our amazing partners to basically bring custom mobile apps to all companies large and small. Our geek know-how & mobile app passion (Yes that is REALLY my legal license plate)  and Tech Data’s monster network and distributions expertise. For those not familiar with the name, TECD stock ticker, they are the ones that get your business’s VAR (Value Added Reseller) or technology concierge their goodies.

TLDR: Whomever you call for routers, tablets and software activations. Simply ask them for a Mobile App. Thats it. Our teams all work behind the scenes to get you all setup nice and painlessly. A few quick calls with what you want, and we will translate that in a project scope with no overages! So if the app takes longer then expected its on us. See here at InnoviMobile we have been building apps since the first app store came out so we have it down to a science.

PS.: If you reseller doesn’t work with Tech Data they need to! Or else you might want to shop around to one that does.

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