Enterprise Mobility Awards – WhatsApp Enterprise Ready?

What if I told you, you never heard of the most popular paid mobile app world wide?

Its called WhatsApp, and even billion dollar soccer teams use it to communicate (maybe not your normal enterprise)

Now Im no WhatsApp expert, but this app is getting such great reviews, its time to put a blip on your radar.

Think Facebook meets Skype, fun fact. Facebook tried to buy WhatsApp and was unsuccessful in 2012.

Here is a great bio:

“For the uninitiated, WhatsApp is an app that allows you to send free messages (text, images, audio and video) to anyone for free. It does for SMS and MMS messages what Skype did for voice calls. Unlike BBM, iMessage and others, it’s no walled garden. It works across networks and across Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian and others.”  Eamonn Carey

So if this app goes viral, as it has in UK to Spain, in USA will it me the new enterprise messenger? With 3rd party sites start building apps off it and security packages? Only time to tell.


I like proactive real world reviews I “find in the wild”, not in the app market.

Here is an impromptu, that even throws a nod to my Enterprise Adoption Formula

Reddit User


  • No usernames, login etc.
  • Connecting only people in your existing contact list.
  • Not too many permissions (unlike viber for example).
  • Simple UI, easy interactions.
  • No in your face popups or pushing you to take notice.
  • Backing up, syncing, and ability to delete all messages.
  • ability to export conversation history locally or to email it.
  • sending file, pictures etc.
  • Push messages etc.

In short, it is not one feature. But the combination of all of them. They hit all the right notes. And first year free on android doesn’t hurt to get you hooked.

Great App, Great Review by Hallx. (at this time user, has yet to return our messages)

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