#eMergeAmericas Miami Tech and Startup Show. + HealthcareIT and mHealth

Thanks for the great time #eMergeAmericas!

Miami is slowly breaking into the tech scene with events like this. Mix of Mobile Apps, Wearables, mHealth/Healthcare IT, Enterprise solutions and tons of tech startups. Including a startup competition.

Winner of #eMergeAmericas startup competition:

  • Last year was Lepsy’s App, created by Karen Bonilla she is a young mobile app expert that is based out of Ferguson High School
  • In 2014, Miami’s Hair Construction win $50k prize. With a mobile app that shows celebrity haircuts and instructs salon artist on how to create them. So this mobile app will help you find an hair stylist that knows the style, show them multiple pictures (not just one side) and give them the “recipe” how to get it just right. “End bad hair days”
  • Also in later-stage was weRX, who’s mobile app helps consumers find rx (prescription drugs) at nearby stores.

There was even a few of us Google Glass users around the Miami beach convention center floor: Picture Tweet


Of course being Miami it was filled with celebrities from ex-NBA player to Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull speaking tech and Miami.



Personally I was blown away with the big buzz of Healthcare IT and mHealth. The Miami Children’s Hospital really raised the bar with their app and other technology solutions. This hospital is so  innovative they offer a portal where any employee or patient can request a tech solution for their in house tech incubator.

Little hint to #eMergeAmericas: Please show twitter handles of speakers on intro slides and less moving room to room. There was only 1 healthcare tech talk at a time, but changed rooms every time.

By Daniel DiMassa [@TheDiMassa] [Google+] [Mobile App Expert] [Enterprise Apps]



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