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Mobile App Expert Daniel DiMassa

After seeing people search this term, mobile app expert, multiple times on my site it is story time!

So Im Daniel DiMassa, and I focused on mobile app adoption not developing or mobile app UX/UI. This all started when I turned my passion of becoming a mobile app expert in to a reality.  All starting by reading every single mobile app and enterprise mobility press release and breaking news, up to ten Google Alert-ed articles a day for over a year.

I started blogging this adventure here on EnterpriseAdoption. Then my silly little mobile app learning tool became top ranked for many searches and keywords, of course the most known being “Mobile App Expert”.

Example here <- Look at that ugly mug!

Then I started joining weekly enterprise mobility twitter debates (mainly #MobileBiz) to go toe-to-toe with the older veterans in the space plus learn the newest best practices from my peers. Then during these debates the, at the time, CIO of Black and Decker nicknamed me “Enterprise Mobility Bad Boy” then the t-shirts and Google Glass wraps happened (pictured above).

Next thing you know I write about the Enterprise Mobile App Adoption Formula:

Adoption takes = Usability + Desirability  x Security

Then the mobile app expert and media requests started to trickle in, followed by being named one of the top 50 Must Read IT blogs in 2013.

Top Mobile Technology Influencer & Mobile App Expert Requests:

Named in Top Twitter Influencers for Mobile Technology:


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Named in Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Influencers. 


Chief Mobility Officer: How to Build Your Own Enterprise Mobile App: Q&A with Expert Dan DiMassa

chief mobility officer expert

Enterprise Adoption named in Biztech’s Top 50 Must Read I.T. Blogs

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With critical mass behind me and great traffic I leveraged this blog to get the greatest enterprise app experts and mobile app influencers to interview over their top mobile app hints and advice.   Mobile App Expert Interviews

So long story short Im obsessed mobile app adoption and being the go-to mobile app expert and consultant. So now I’ve joined InnoviMobile to create the most complex enterprise apps every created. We have even been nicknamed the “Seal Team 6” of complex backend app integrations.

Now in my little spare time, I enjoy speaking and hitting any tech event including trying to help flourish the small Miami Tech (#MiamiTech) community. This includes getting in an argument against our Miami Beach  anti-tech start up mayor reaching top press: WRLN.

If you have any questions on enterprise mobile apps, mobile app adoption or enterprise app development do not hesitate to contact me.

Phone: InnoviMobile: +1.646.588.0011 x102 or Google Voice +1.612.5BIZ.APPS

Location: InnoviMobile HQ but primary residence is in South Beach Miami, FL

By your Mobile App Expert Daniel DiMassa [@TheDiMassa] [Google+] [Mobile App Expert] [YouTube]

ps: Yes that is my real APP license plate, not as cool as Steve Jobss’ plate