Worst App List: Facebook’s Messenger – Overhaul 3.0.1


Worst App Ever.

As always,  I like to stir things up. So I cant disagree more with this article: Ivan @ Droid Now

This is the app for Facebook Messenger App (not run of the mill Facebook app) which did a major overhaul. Switching to cute circle shaped default image icons and tried to clean up the UI.


But what is not pictured above is the hijacking of all other screens on your device (home screen, other apps open).

So lets say our friend John Smith sends us a Facebook Message. Well his pretty little mug, in a circle, appears on top of whatever current screen you are on. To clarify: Not on notification bar or a push to the app’s icon.Try to move it? Thats fine, but it sticks to the new spot. Unless you make a conscious effort to swipe it down and out.  Because your friend asking where happy hour is should clearly stop you from making dials or using your phone normally.


“Oh you wanted to make a call bro? Nah, Sorry”

Worst App Ever. Facebook Messenger


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