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What is the Difference Between MDM and EMM?

I virtually sat down Walter Paley, to get this EMM Expert’s thoughts:

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the term for the comprehensive security and enablement platforms that are evolving specifically for mobility.  Mobile Device Management (MDM) is one of the facets within a complete EMM solution, providing a broader set of tools for IT.  These include the ability to require a PIN lock, identify and exclude jailbroken or hacked devices, and the power to remotely lock the device in case of loss.  While today’s EMM products feature more granular and less intrusive controls, MDM features remain an important foundational piece of mobile enablement.

Big thanks to:

Walter Paley, Marketing Manager at Bitzer Mobile

I highly recommend following him in Twitter | @Bitzer_Walt

For more information, see our (coming soon) EMM Comparison with more hints and quotes from top Enterprise Mobility Management – EMM Experts!


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