What are Buttery Apps? Butter Apps and Project Butter?

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This time a submitted question via Twitter:

 “What are Buttery Apps? What are my developers talking about? Is this Slang?” 

For more on buttery apps, one of our go to experts Yousuf Haque.

Buttery or buttery smooth in this context means an app or OS is smooth, fluid, and responsive.

The threshold for the human eye to perceive motion is about 16 frames per second however the motion is perceived as jerky and non-fluid. As the frame rate increases, the animation will seem smoother to the human eye.

The smoothness of an animation thus depends on how many frames a system and app can churn out together continuously. When an application is not smooth, it feels jittery, laggy, and unresponsive. This is often a result of the combination poor hardware and non-optimized graphic software.

In summer of 2012, Google announced Jellybean 4.1 along with Project Butter, the fight against lag. They introduced many under the hood improvements like triple buffering and ramping up CPU power upon screen touches.

This ultimately resulted in a consistent 60 frames per second across apps and the android system and this made the android operating system seem more snappy, smooth, and quick. Just as smooth as butter.

A big thanks to Yousuf and keep an eye on his latest builds on Google+

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