Twinterview with CIO of Sun International – Thabo Ndlela on enterprise apps and adoption.

My first Twinterview was with CIO of Sun International, Thabo Ndlela. Not only did Thabo knock my enterprise app questions out of the park, but he did it in a limited 140 characters at a time.


CIO expert: Thabo Ndlela of Sun International based in South Africa

Daniel DiMassa 

@ThaboNdlela Thanks for my 1st “Tweeterview” (is that a thing?) Mind Question 2? How has enterprise mobile apps changed/affected your role?

Thabo Ndlela 

@TheDiMassa The CIO role has changed to CMO in the enterprise mobility era. Value is created in transactions and content than the technology

Daniel DiMassa ‏

@ThaboNdlela Thank you! How about your thoughts on my Enterprise Mobility Adoption Formula? Opinions/Feedback? …

Thabo Ndlela

@TheDiMassa Interesting. I would say [functionality (features) + usability (navigation) ] * desirability (WOW factor) = Adoption (Attitude)

@TheDiMassa The technology acceptance model (TAM), by Davis (1989) days. (usefulness + ease of use) * attitude * behavior = adoption.

I highly recommend following Thabo on twitter or checking out Sun International to stay updated.

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