Speaking on an ITEXPO panel on Google Glass and Enterprise Wearables Apps

Big thanks to everyone that was snapping pics of us two Super Nerds at #ITEXPO!

Great panel sitting with Alex @geilt today as Ouali @ouali talked Google Glass and wearable apps. I’ll post some pics and tweets Im finding below.

To sum up some of my points:

-Even 10 mins prior while getting my badge at the booth, an employee asked “Is that a camera”. So yes you hear that a lot. To diffuse the paranoia and explain the benefits and I always start by mentioning the Translate App and the recently viral Firefighter/Developer story.

-Mentioned my term Glass Mugged. Means cant go five feet without someone running after you to stop you and ask questions or see it.

-Best App? Hands down navigation for me. Mentioned I stress tested it with 2 road trips over 1000 miles in a month.

  • Talked about the clean card UI. Slowly changing the industry to pro-minimalist
  • Something as simple as changing the color of the estimated arrival time tells me traffic forecast.
  • Turns off until need direction, like an upcoming turn
  • Smart enough to know that turning head while using walking directions should move map. Not on driving mode

-Battery life currently is not so hot.

-Wifi and/or Bluetooth connection. With unlimited plans starting to be capped, people are worried about going over data allowances.

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