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Interview with Dan, the founder of

Thursday 21st, February 2013
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1. Pleasure to have you with us today. Please, explain briefly the idea behind your formula.
Thank you for having me. So Im “that guy” that is shaking up the mobile enterprise world. Im not sure if I should blame my electrical engineer schooling or my entrepreneurial background but I “think differently” compared to most of the industry.
Therefore I came up with an Adoption Formula and a silly tagline “Without adoption, you have nothing!” Started blogging about it, and it caught the eye of Innovi Mobile’s president. Next thing you know Im leaving south beach Miami for my birth state of NJ.
2. When did you come up with the idea of starting your Formula and why?
Well mobile is going to be the hottest thing in 2013 and you can quote me on that!
Then I started to think of the issues with enterprise mobility and the headaches involved. With an engineer brain and “doodler” hand, I started back forward and made flows of what factors make an app get adopted or not. Next was to read every study and report I could get my hands on. Followed by interviewing top CIOs to consumers.
3. What is the mission of your business?
Now that I’m teamed up with Innovi Mobile, our mission is simple. To be the one stop shop for enterprises that need help with mobile strategy, development and management. We stress adoption and how to get there on time and in budget. As we take on the hardest and most complex projects others might be scared of.
4. I see…Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Great question. We recently were asked to close the NYSE and when meeting with Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE, and we told him “Keep the stock ticker APPS open for us”
5. What is this enterprise mobile adoption formula?
I don’t need to go into minutia here, but short version is 3 main aspects. Usability, Desirability and Security all equal Adoption. In those, we can plug the factors that influence it. Lets pick on Desirability. Example would be an app that is Constantly Improving and not going stagnant. Does it have any gamification? etc
Using this formula you can stack the deck during the strategy phase. No different then a business plan or offensive football play.
6) Any secrets you can let us know about?
Of course not. But I will say, expect a big partnership to be announced soon. This was fun, so maybe a round 2 next quarter to find out more about it?
Great, thanks for chatting with us! If you want to find out more about what Dan is up to, check out his websites: 

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