My App Expert Interview by Robert Stanley – Editor for the ClickSoftware Mobile Fever blog


What would be the single most important piece of advice you would give to companies regarding developing an optimal Enterprise mobility strategy?

It all comes down to one word: Adoption.

We are starting to shake up the enterprise mobility world, and shift the common questions from “How much will this cost? How how long to develop?” to instead “Will it be adopted?”

Checking any mobile app market one can easily find numerous examples of enterprise apps that overlooked the value and importance of adoption and in turn have suffered from bad reviews and low download numbers.  Neglecting adoption ends up negatively impacting the brand, therefore hitting a prior development budget or timeline is a moot point.

Mobile strategy is the first step in enterprise mobility and likewise the most important. There is nothing that I find more infuriating than a supposed mobile strategy meeting with a few team members of one department blindly guessing what should be in an app. To put a stop to such mistakes, I developed a Mobile Enterprise Adoption Formula that forces clients to ask future users for feedback including which features are needed, (as there is a fine line between too many and too little features).

Every second and penny developing a non-adopted enterprise app is wasted. Companies need to understand that adoption should be the most important aspect in developing an optimal enterprise mobility strategy. By utilizing an AdoptionFirst mobile strategy, apps will be more likely to go viral; just like scoring on a well-practiced football play versus luckily winning the lottery


Daniel DiMassa is a serial entrepreneur and mobile enterprise app expert who is known for his Mobile Enterprise Adoption Formula, and currently builds award winning enterprise apps at Innovi Mobile.


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