#MobileChatBiz Recap | February 12th 2013 | #MDM – Mobile Device Management | Mobile Enterprise Experts

Missed today’s Twitter Mobile Chat with IT leaders and CIO’s? 

Besides any tweets from @TheDiMassa or @VPmobility – these are not my tweets of course, just a reference for those that missed it.

dougnewdick RT @eMobileHub: Thanks to @bmkatz @bobegan@Bitzer_Walt @dougnewdick for participating in today’s #MobileBizChat>Next chat on 2/19 at 2pm ET -3:09 PM Feb 12th, 2013

dougnewdick @Olly1977 @pcalento manage what you own again – manage the delivery & security of your apps & data and forget about the rest #mobilebizchat -3:07 PM Feb 12th, 2013

vilkes @eMobileHub great chat today – lots of insights. #mobilebizchat-3:03 PM Feb 12th, 2013

jayfry3 @pcalento Thanks for hosting, Paul. Lots of meaty issues to grapple with still. #mobilebizchat -3:02 PM Feb 12th, 2013

bobegan @pcalento nice job moderating #MobileBizChat today. Thanks! -3:02 PM Feb 12th, 2013

eMobileHub Thanks to @swarnapodila @tenenbown1776 @TheDiMassa@THypeSR @vilkes for participating in today’s #MobileBizChat >Next chat on 2/19 at 2pm ET -3:02 PM Feb 12th, 2013

Bitzer_Walt Thanks! See you then! > RT @eMobileHub: Thanks to@Bitzer_Walt for participating in #MobileBizChat >Next chat 2/19 at 2pm ET #mobilebizchat -3:01 PM Feb 12th, 2013

jayfry3 @Bitzer_Walt @b52junebug It’s interesting to see how opinions about cloud are changing. More acceptance. But not universal.#mobilebizchat -3:01 PM Feb 12th, 2013

eMobileHub Thanks to @floydea1213 @Framehawk @jayfry3 @jhaggettfor participating in today’s #MobileBizChat >Next chat on 2/19 at 2pm ET -3:01 PM Feb 12th, 2013

eMobileHub Thanks to @bmkatz @bobegan @Bitzer_Walt@dougnewdick for participating in today’s #MobileBizChat >Next chat on 2/19 at 2pm ET -3:00 PM Feb 12th, 2013

eMobileHub Thanks to @AmandWoolf @b52junebug @barrettrm@biz_mobility for participating in today’s #MobileBizChat >Next chat on 2/19 at 2pm ET -3:00 PM Feb 12th, 2013

Bitzer_Walt @TheDiMassa I rarely reference by name, but that was just on a silver platter. I couldn’t pretend it’s not already available!#mobilebizchat -2:59 PM Feb 12th, 2013

bobegan RT @vilkes@bobegan hmm, apps for now. OS issues coming big time. Devices are vectors. Data/people handled w process.#mobilebizchat -2:59 PM Feb 12th, 2013

jayfry3 @pcalento The centralization Q about mobile mgmt also makes enterprises discuss how they are organizing/budgeting. Fun! 😉#mobilebizchat -2:59 PM Feb 12th, 2013

b52junebug @pcalento thanks Paul always cool to see the other sides of the issues! #mobilebizchat -2:58 PM Feb 12th, 2013

bmkatz @bobegan @biz_mobility You can update an app sure#mobilebizchat -2:58 PM Feb 12th, 2013

TheDiMassa @Bitzer_Walt Was waiting for a response from you or some of the others like that. I applaud your “cough” disclosure : )#mobilebizchat -2:57 PM Feb 12th, 2013

vilkes @bobegan hmm, apps for now. OS issues coming big time. Devices are vectors. Data/people handled w process. #mobilebizchat-2:57 PM Feb 12th, 2013

pcalento This was an INCREDIBLE #MobileBizChat today. Pleasure to learn from you all on a recurring basis. -2:57 PM Feb 12th, 2013

b52junebug So to what extent do we go for control of data? How far can we go? #mobilebizchat -2:56 PM Feb 12th, 2013

Bitzer_Walt Cloud not the cure-all.. Opens new issues for some orgs > RT @b52junebug: yes- only if you can use cloud based services#mobilebizchat -2:56 PM Feb 12th, 2013

pcalento @bitzer_walt @jayfry3 Managing access makes sense. But how its managed is subject to nuance. Mistakes=lost productivity#MobileBizChat -2:56 PM Feb 12th, 2013

eMobileHub Great #mobility discussion. Next chat on Mobile Apps at 2/19 at 2pm ET. Discussion continues throughout week at#MobileBizChat -2:55 PM Feb 12th, 2013

Framehawk @Olly1977 Slight mod: you want trusted services/apps to be accessed from unmanaged devices, but nothing goes on the device.#mobilebizchat -2:55 PM Feb 12th, 2013

pcalento Centralization of mobile management needs a catalyst. Being a good idea isn’t good enough. #MobileBizChat A4

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