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Thursday, March 28th, 2013 – From Innovi Mobile the mobile enterprise experts. 

Clients frequently ask us about certain buzzwords in the mobile industry. We decided to compile our list of the most common terms used in mobile with a little of our own flair:

AES  – Advanced Encryption Standard: A standard for the encryption of electronic data set forth by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

API – Application Programming Interface: An interface designed to facilitate the communication among various software components.

App-centric – A system or process where an application is loaded before any access or mutilation of data.

ARM (based tablets) – ARM Architecture: Describes a collection of RISC microprocessors produced by ARM Holdings, a British based firm. ARM based processors comprise the majority of microprocessors used in smartphones and hard disk drives.

B2B, B2E, B2C – Business to Business, Business to Enterprise, and Business to Consumer respectively: Terms that refer to a firm whose clients and business strategy are oriented to businesses, enterprises, or consumers respectively.

BB10 – A Blackberry mobile device which features a 4G wireless connection, advanced self-correcting typing technology, and a special PIM called Blackberry Hub.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device: The policy where employees of a company are allowed to bring personal devices to the job to access private systems and data.

CIO – Chief Information Officer: A name for an executive position in a firm which refers to the most senior person with respect to information technology and computer systems.

Cloud, SAAS – Cloud Computing or Software as a Service: Computing hardware and software facilities offered over a network, such as the internet.

CMS, mCMS – Content Management System: An interface which allows the editing or publishing of information controlled by a central system.

Consumerization – The growing trend where certain technology is first adapted by consumers, then adapted by businesses or governments.

DMZ – Computing Demilitarized Zone: An external facing sub-network which filters data to untrustworthy end-users.

EMDM, ESM,  EMM, MEAM, EAM – Enterprise Mobility Management: A collection of people, technology, and controls which manage mobile development, networks, and applications.

Gartner – A large U.S. based Information Technology research and advisory firm which provides market information, data, and consulting services.

Hybrid – Mobile application software which combines the features of native and web based applications. Typically written with web based software, but still maintains some of its native capabilities.

MDM – Mobile Device Management: Software that manages and supports mobile devices across a variety of services providers, platforms, firms, and governments.

MEAP – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform: A collection of products and services which streamline the development mobile application software across a variety of platforms.

MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service: An extension of SMS (Short Message Service), MMS allows for delivery and receipt of multimedia messages between mobile phones.

Mobile First – When a firm develops mobile technology, applications, and support before developing its desktop counterpart.

MWC – Mobile World Conference: An annual convention which features a variety of mobile technology faculties which include showcases from operators, providers, vendors, and hardware manufactures in the mobile technology industry.

Native – Application software that is programed for a specific platform which allows full functionality of all the mobile device’s capabilities.

PMO – Project Management Office: The group or department within an organization responsible for the facilitation, and completion of projects.

QA – Quality Assurance: A systematic process to ensure that a set of control limits are maintained for a specific product of service.

ROI – Return on Investment: The amount of financial gain as a proportion of costs.

SAFE  (Samsung) – A collection of Samsung’s proprietary mobile computing solutions which integrates mobile technology into in a given network.

SAP – A German based multinational enterprise software development company.

SDK – Software Development Kit: The software development tools which enable the creation of software for a particular device or platform.

SUP – Sybase Unwired Platform: A MEAP created by SAP which optimizes the mobile development for internal and enterprise applications.

WAN (compared to wifi) – Wide Area Network: A network which connects a group within a broad region, mainly utilized for the transmission of data within businesses and government entities and between individuals.

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