Mobile Enterprise Adoption Award: TD Ameritrade

While surfing my favorite site Reddit, I stumbled upon “Sporkmonger” saying that he uses the TD Ameritrade app over the PC.

Though I have never used the app, this is an awesome unbiased review. Will 2013 be the year the keyboard goes away?


[–]sporkmonger[S] 1 point  ago

Cool, will do if I decide to make the switch. I do a lot of mobile trading though and I really like the TD mobile app for Android. Bizarrely, I’d rather execute trades on my phone because their mobile app is better designed than both the java app and the website. 😛This is great to hear, with something as important as a financial trade. Mobile devices arent just for Angry Birds anymore.Cheers, to my first MEAA winner!Dan DiMassa – Mobile Enterprise Adoption Expert.

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