Mobile App Bad Boy’s 1 Year Anniversary of Enterprise Adoption. [Open Stats]

app adoption bad boy

Good, Bad or Ugly its been one heck of a year for myself and EnterpriseAdoption!

Many of you might compare this to you mature blog or enterprise’s site but for one year, from scratch, in a very niche topic Im very proud and keeping this open will make sure I beat it in 2014.

Please note. This is post is 10 days premature so things will change. 1/16

mobile app bad boy statsMobile App Bad Boy's Stats

1/26/2013 Creation of my silly blog with zero content. Was it for traffic? ads? Nope. Just wanted to learn the absolutely latest about Enterprise Mobile Apps and post some silly mobility jokes.

9/12/2013 Named in Biz Tech’s Top 50 Must read IT Blogs

11/15/2013  Most Pageviews in 1 Day 258

12/12/2013 Record for Total BackLinks 1,472

3/25/2013  2 Months after site started, the first expert requests can in for me

enterprise mobility expert

Some Top Keywords – How you found me:

  • mobile app expert
  • MEAP comparison
  • whatsapp enterprise
  • mobile enterprise expert
  • enterprise mobility awards

Traffic Sources – Where you found me:

Organic Keywords followed by Twitter.

Total Budget of Advertising and Adwords: $0.00!

My Favorite IT Rockstar Interview: Irina Blok – Creator of Android Logo

(Sorry, fellow rockstars, but Im a pretty big Google fan boy and have even talked about get Android robot tattooed on me)

Your Favorite IT Rockstar Interview: CIO of Sun International

(Please note, this was an early interview so had longer to collect hits – dont take this one too seriously)

Most visits from: California

(this blows my mind beating NJ, NY and FL)

Device’s you visited from: Desktop, mobile then tablet.  (that’s awkward for an app blog)

Top Browser: Explorer (even MORE awkward. This enterprise computer standard beat out: Chrome + Android + iOS combined )

I cant thank you readers enough!

Please keep challenging me with hard-to-get IT Rockstar interviews and amazing enterprise app questions.

Lets learn best enterprise app practices from each other and have some fun!

-Daniel DiMassa [@TheDiMassa] [Google+] [Adoption Forumla]

app adoption bad boy

Mobile App Expert | Nicknamed: Enterprise Mobile App Bad Boy

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