Mitsubishi’s Gabe Weiss on Emerging Tech and Mobile Enterprise Strategy [Xpost Innovi Mobile]

Mobile Enterprise Strategy

Gabe Weiss, Interactive Marketing Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling

InnoviMobile’s Dan DiMassa interviews Gabe Weiss from Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling about enterprise mobile strategy and emerging technology.

Dan: I consider you a mobility influencer. Can you talk about your favorite tech innovation/mobile enterprise strategy you implemented?

Gabe: Thank you, I appreciate that. The creation of the meSync Program with the approach to infuse it with the contractors is working well but if I chose a favorite innovation, it would be augmented reality (AR). Using AR tech to answer customer concerns, educating them, and providing a means for our contractors to stand apart from the competition is very rewarding. Then, taking feedback from the field personnel, I have worked with the AR development team at metaio (follow on twitter: @metaioUS) to continuously push the capabilities of how I can use AR while developing new systems to utilize their advancements for the benefit of the company. These are very exciting times as we are moving into yet another phase of the tech deployment.

Dan: Bringing your organization mobile, what was hardest part?

Gabe: The hardest part of going mobile has been continued evolution. By that I mean getting interest for the program by management was easy. Testing, modifications and rollout went smoothly enough (a few changes and redevelopments along the way). But keeping interest in the program and having the users continue to push themselves on refining the way they work to be more productive within the mobile space is a challenge. The use of new technologies, new apps to keep the sales process refinements happening are key elements to the meSync Program’s continued success.

Dan: What is your best hint when it comes to mobile enterprise strategy?

Gabe: As with any strategy development mobile considerations need to include the end user. Use cases can vary from the overall program needs to the individual apps and their requirements. But one thing to keep in mind is that the program lead is the expert at how the program needs to be developed (how to create an app, distribution platforms, device types, etc.) but the end-users are typically the experts in the business needs for the apps. Talk to them and make them a part of the development and approval process.

Dan: If you could give one piece of advice for someone starting an enterprise app project, what would you say?

Gabe: Remember that it is all about the strategy. If the app answers a question, meets a business need or makes a business process more efficient for users within the enterprise it will be successful. The saying ‘form follows function’ is true in the enterprise. Design it so users can interact with the app as they would anything they download from a consumer-centric app store while making it a functional tool that enhances business process.

Dan:  In 2014 do you think internal or external (in market) apps will be hotter?

Gabe: I see 2014 being the year for internal enterprise program and app development. There is a lot of interest from corporations that I talk to on how to make their teams not only mobile but more efficient in doing business. Refining business processed while looking at emerging trends and technologies is a key element to companies being successful and competitive in the next few years. Companies are taking different approaches, via IT system upgrades first or connecting off-the-shelf apps to existing data to get to the field quicker, and each has its own merits. It all comes back to strategy. What are the goals and what is the most efficient and effective means to reach them.

Dan: What mobility innovation is Mitsubishi using? Or Mitsubishi ‘s newest mobile enterprise strategy?

Gabe: Emerging technology, both software and hardware, should always be a point of consideration when working on the execution portion of a mobile strategy. After doing the exploratory components and determining goals, look at anything and everything that can work for the business to attain the goals. Technology is a means to execute and knowing what is out there and the capabilities can not only get you to your goals but potentially surpass them while making the company stand apart from the competition. Augmented reality is one such technology. Looking at data visualization in new ways and connecting to cloud systems will be the norm in the future. Leverage the efficiencies and long-term benefits now.

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