Miami Uber and Lyft: Whats the deal? Is Lyft illegal?

As an enterprise app blogger who does lyft/uber religiously I always interview the drivers for fun and to learn more.

I live tweeted my first ride here: #illegaLyft

So short answer: Is Lyft Illegal? is Uber Illegal too? Yes and Yes.

But here is what I learned by constantly interviewing my drivers

-MIA Airport is mostly off limits or risky territory. Cops patrol this area the most, and another area that escapes me. When I called to be picked up from the airport, the driver called before showing up and asking tons of questions. I thought this was odd, turns out he was trying to see if I was a cop or not.

-Seems as Miami has some sort of 3 strike rule. The drivers with 0 strikes, are more likely to go into the highly patrolled areas.

-The platforms do pay legal fees, but its still on your record.

-Its helpful to have the passengers in the front seat, I always hop in back but because of this am starting to sit in front more.

-Cops are making fake accounts, they will actually use it once or twice and get 5 star reviews. Then they have you pick them up, drop them off. Where other officers are waiting.

-Fun fact: I met a cop driver driving for Lyft Plus.

-It was a 20% Uber, Lyft 10% commission or  cut they take. But seems it has evened out.

Good luck, and if you decide to become a driver in South Beach, see you soon.

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