Less than 10% of Enterprises Have Mobile App Strategy, Says Survey

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According to the latest survey conducted by FeedHenry, an Irish BaaS (backend as a service) provider, most enterprises are not utilizing mobile app developments to the fullest.

The survey, which was performed as a joint venture with Vanson Bourne, included 100 companies. In most cases, it was found out that companies had an ad-hoc approach when it comes to mobility rollout. However, senior executives were insisting that a more sophisticated strategy must be performed.

Of all the respondents, only 7% reported having a specific strategy for mobile apps. 42% said that they only have partial implementations of the strategy, while 14% said that they didn’t have any strategies for mobile apps and weren’t planning on creating one.

The numbers were more promising in terms of future rollout, because 89% of the respondents said that they were planning on releasing at least one mobile app before this year ends. 61% of companies said that at least 5 mobile apps are ready to be released this year, while 18% were planning on deploying more than 10 apps.

There were different reasons why companies have started to develop mobile apps. Fifty percent reported that they were developing apps to assist in business processes, while 30% said that they were using apps to expand their business. The remaining 20% said that they considered mobile apps as a platform to keep up with the changing times and customer needs. In addition, 43% of those that were surveyed said that they were expecting a significant increase in the B2C app market within the next 12 months.

The survey report also analysed if enterprise apps have any major contributions to the company’s business. Organisations revealed that they have developed an average of 4 mobile to assist their employees, and 13% said that they have no apps at all.

The increase in mobile apps rollout also showed a correlation with the usage of cloud computing apps and software. When the survey was conducted, around 90% of organisations revealed that their usage of cloud services will stay the same, but they admit that their overall cloud service usage will definitely increase within the next year. However, although cloud usage was high among the survey participants, it was certainly not a guarantee that companies are actually using it for mobile app strategies. Actually, 33% of the respondents said that incorporating cloud services into enterprise apps would be a major issue for them.

Of course, FeedHenry regards this as good news. In fact, they have received $9 M (or £5.78 M) from Intel Capital just last May. Regardless of that, the major point of this research is to fire a warning shot at enterprises that are planning to integrate mobile app software into the business without careful and thorough planning.

Chris Marsh, Yankee Group Enterprise Research’s principal analyst claimed that mobile apps could increase productivity among employees, make business processes more convenient, and draw in new revenue streams as well.

He also added that the results of the survey show that a lot of app deployments were tactical rather than strategic, and that it is highly recommended for companies to consider cloud-based and mobile app strategies to support their mobile employees. He also said that efforts at profitability and productivity will suffer significantly if mobile app developments aren’t attempted.

What do you think about the results of this survey? Should we be worried about this “ad-hoc” approach to app development?


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