Kim Stevenson, CIO of Intel: “Raise the expectations of IT!” | Recap of her CXO Interview.

Late Friday Kim Stevenson of Intel made an appearance on CXO Talk with Vala Afshar and Michael Krigsman.

(Embedded below and approx. 40 mins)

If you missed it, here are my favorite 3 points:

1) Raising The Expectations of IT.

Kim was very passionate when talking about the “old” IT vs Today’s IT. This went from simple things, like the department focusing on user experience (UX) to changing the end goal. According to Kim, the end focus isn’t just keeping the business running smoothly. “Raise your expectations” she informs and that IT should be a catalyst to help the business grow. To her point, can you think of a business project that doesn’t involve IT?

2) CDOs? Chief Digital Officers?

With Gartner research saying Chief Digital Officers will grow in numbers the next few years, does Kim see Intel adding the role?
“This role can be the effect of a short coming. Address the shortcoming” she said “compared to adding more layers of management”. Likewise, Kim mentions she has an IT Application team that is aligned into corporate marketing, working together on many levels.

3) CIOs on Twitter:

Some call it “drivel”, or a waste of time. Kim disagrees and goes on to a warming story about connecting in real time with a lower employee who she would of normally not interacted with. Which even led to an unexpected face-to-face reunion at an open forum. With Intel having near 100k employees, and 6500 just in IT, this was no small feat. But this was “just one of many stories on how I have grown as a leader because of social” says Kim.

-For more information follow Kim on Twitter, as she is up for the MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award this month.

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