Google Glass Adoption – Will Google Glass Get Adopted?

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Will Google Glass get adopted? As an early-on Google Glass Explorer I say most likely yes.

Constantly, I get asked both:

  • Is there Google Glass Adoption?
  • Does your Enterprise Mobile App Adoption Formula work for devices like Google Glass too?

Let me start off by saying the enterprise mobile adoption formula does not work for devices. If so, I would of sold it to the now extinct Blackberry. Its close though. Apps themselves, are not mentioned in the adoption formula but can make or break any device or Operating System (OS). Lets pick on Window’s adoption. Luckily Microsoft has cash to burn so they are:

  • Paying developers to put apps in their market
  • Making native apps out of company’s websites without telling them
  • Putting their Microsoft Developers in enterprises for free to persuade them to allow a Windows OS app.

So this proves apps help make or break a device’s adoption. With Google Glass the apps are coming, slow and steady. But you have to factor in all the internal Glass apps and hidden projects that arent in the public eye yet.

Its still early to tell, but I think Google Glass Adoption will be constant and not an overnight viral hit.

Half of the reason I don’t wear my Google Glass 24/7 is all the strangers coming up to ask about it and what it is, plus the constant stares. When that goes away, Google Glasses’ price drops, the Google Glass Glasswear app market is full of disruptive apps then look for full Google Glass Adoption.

What are your thoughts on Google Glass Adoption? Tweet me with your thoughts.

Google Glass Adoption
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