Gamification Geek (enterprise gamification expert) with a sneak peak on enterprise gamification from Bunchball

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Enterprise Gamification. Gamification Geek Recap:

  • Nitro 5.0 dropping with Bunchball
  • As always Im posting these here as I think enterprise gamification and mobile combined will change the game.
  • Enterprises will start  needing to have enterprise gamification experts on hand

Joe Fisher


By Joe Fisher, VP of Products, Bunchball

People typically don’t think “enterprise software” and imagine a slick, consumer-friendly experience built for a generation that wants everything to be iPad easy.

After today, I expect that will change.

Because today we unveiled Nitro 5.0, Bunchball’s next-generation gamification platform. And it’s anything but typical.

Nitro 5.0 is just what customers have been asking for: a powerful, enterprise-grade gamification solution built from the ground up for the iPad generation. It’s the most intuitive and user-friendly gamification platform available today, and yet it’s also the most robust, the most flexible, the most customizable. Advanced users will be thrilled. Newbies, even more so.

For a lot of companies, this is welcome news. While large businesses are continuing to invest heavily in gamification, Gartner predicts that by 2014, many if not most gamification efforts will fall short of achieving their goals – not because gamification doesn’t work, but because most solutions are complex and require extensive expert involvement.

If you accept Gartner’s premise, then the obvious answer is to make it easy – so easy that you can hang a sign on your platform that says, “Gamification guy wanted. No experience needed.”

In other words, the answer is Nitro 5.0.  With Nitro 5.0, we’re proving that a gamification platform can be sophisticated and infinitely customizable without being complex. And you don’t have to be a gamification expert to get expert results.

Nitro Studio: The New Command Console for Gamification

The beating heart of Nitro 5.0 is Nitro Studio. It’s thecontrol center from which users can plan, build, deploy and measure their gamification strategy. Nitro Studio’s drag-and-drop user interface makes it simpler than ever to harness the motivational power of Nitro 5.0.

Through Nitro Studio, managers throughout the enterprise can use Nitro 5.0’s personalization capabilities to create and deliver the right missions, to the right end users, at the right time.  They can use in-context analytics to gain on-demand insights into the dynamics that motivate users. They can search across all the elements of their gamification program to quickly find and navigate to what they’re looking for.

And in a nod to the iPad generation, Nitro Studio even lets users manage their gamification programs directly from their iPads.

Now enterprises don’t need a “gamification guy.”  With Nitro 5.0, everybody gets to be that guy. And everybody wins.


Sample Nitro 5.0 screenshots:


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