Lets talk Enterprise Mobility Challenges from A to Z | Enterprise Mobility Challenges

There are tons of enterprise mobility challenges each enterprise can face day to day.

Lets take a second to review some recent Rockstar IT Interviews   and filter out just one enterprise mobility issue.

Randy Roberts:

The biggest issue today is that most enterprises don’t have a mobile strategy.  They think they are a ‘mobile company’ just because their employees carry smartphones and can be reached at all times.  They may go as far as to take an existing desktop application and shrink it down to a smartphone and call themselves ‘mobile’.   Neither of these cases represent a mobile strategy.  If fact, in most cases this does harm to a company’s mobile aspirations because it doesn’t meet expectations of the executives or the end-users.  Companies must start by defining use cases, objectives, measurements and key internal constituents before they embark on their mobile journey.  This creates an agreed path forward with clear expectations across the company and puts them on a path to truly being a mobile company.

So not having a enterprise mobility strategy is a simple mobility challenge that should be avoided at all costs. It takes tons of planning and research to perfect your enterprise mobility strategy but that doesn’t mean avoid it. Top mobile enterprises know the sweet spot on the  line of  no preparedness and planning their enterprise mobile app too much. Finding that fine line is the key to solving the mobile strategy part of this particular mobile enterprise challenge.

What are your thoughts? What are your top enterprise mobility challenges that you need help with?

The author, Daniel DiMassa, aka the Enterprise Mobility Bad Boy pieced this blog post together in 45 seconds, as he couldn’t stand that the top ranked article for enterprise mobility challenges had the CaPitALizaTioN of his little 8 year old niece’s text message. He will rewrite or sneak a guest blog into this space shortly 🙂


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