Enterprise Mobility Awards 2014

Its that time of year to talk top enterprise mobile apps of the year! We like to yearly submit a few apps, and enterprise technologies, for the Enterprise Mobility Awards 2014.

We asked you the readers for thoughts, here are some selections:

Waze App: They are defining a new trend in crowd-sourcing data and have been very successful in developing techniques for validating multiple sources – one of the biggest challenges in crowd-sourcing of data.”

Dashlane: Not completely focused on the enterprise – but Dashlane or Dashlane for Teams. Best password manager that does pretty well across Android and iOS given limitations, in addition to supporting desktop OSs across several browsers.”

Invader: There’s one digital magazine I personally really like which is called “Invader”. It’s a computer games magazine that offer a Newsstand app, Android app, iPhone app and also the embedded web viewer. It’s highly interactive and really enjoy its design and balance between reading content and interactivity. But they’ve been around for longer than 2014.”

But we are still calculating votes, and picking our final enterprise app picks. So please get you final vote tweets/emails in!




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