Enterprise App Developers: Lets Not Leave People with Disabilities Out! Interview with Jorge Silva from Komodo

Mobile apps have improved the way we work and play, but is it fair to exclude people with disabilities? Touch screens keep evolving for the better, but still cant be used for those who have impaired finger/hand movement. This is where Jorge Silva and Komodo come in to save the day! Their solution can turn almost any app into one a person with disabilities can enjoy.
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1. Who sees the greatest benefit from Komodo’s Tecla?
Tecla’s target market is people who, due to disease or disability, cannot manipulate a touch-screen device. This includes, but is not limited to, people with spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy, as well as mobile device users whose hand/finger movements are temporarily impaired (e.g., someone on a hospital bed, recovering from an accident). Older adults and others who find it difficult to target small icons on a touch screen may also be benefited.
2. Is there an SDK to interface with the hardware (and if its necessary)?
The Tecla Shield and associated tools are designed to make it possible for anyone to use ANY app via alternative input methods such as wheelchair controls or adapted switches, thus, there is no SDK required to interface with the hardware. There are, however, best accessible design practices that, if properly followed, will facilitate compatibility with the Tecla Shield.
We recommend developers follow the guidelines posted on our developer site: App Developers 
Following these guidelines not only makes developer’s applications more compatible with Tecla, but also with other accessibility tools and devices.
What are your top 3 challenges?
Our top three challenges have been:
  1. Making sure those who would benefit from our tools know about them
  2. Providing a consistent switch access experience across different mobile platforms
  3. Minimizing requirements from app developers to ensure compatibility with Tecla
How can us enterprise app developers help you?
Developers should be aware of the various alternative ways that users with disabilities have to access technology. Keeping track of new developments in the accessibility of the platforms they are working with will also go a long way to ensure their applications are usable by the widest possible audience.
This is a great tool with even greater purpose. A big thanks to Jorge and all of Komodo for their hard work in assisting the special needs community. Check out their solution Tecla for latest news.
-Daniel DiMassa [Twitter] [G+] [Enterprise Apps]

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