Daniel Hall of Magic Software reveals his Enterprise Mobile Strategies. I <3 #6


Daniel Hall, of Magic Software, listed his 6 stop Mobile Strategies. My favorite is number #6 when dealing with mobile enterprise apps: Full Article


6. Mash it all up

A single mobile app is not going to add significant value unless companies learn to mash up the front and back ends of their systems with other mobile capabilities to the benefit of the user. This includes real-time integration of data from various corporate data repositories, as well as information available publicly on the Internet. Securely mashing up information and processes from various sources will empower the user and the business to extract real value from their mobile technology.


As a mobile adoption expert, trust me when I say this is important. Are complex integrations easy? No. Will it pay dividends if you roll your sleeves up and become an API surgeon – Yes!

One of the biggest “pains” I hear of road warriors is having 5 databases or tools that dont talk to each other when they should. Input a lead into a bulky CRM, but it doesn’t change my calendar or reflect my newest internal IMs saying to avoid this company.

ps: If your IT team or UI experts cant handle this. Dont worry. Stay Calm and Let Innovi Mobile Do Everything.

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