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Enterprise Adoption Expert Daniel DiMassa

Dan here.

Recently I noticed a spike on my mobile enterprise adoption blog’s traffic, especially on my simple goofy bio page.

Shortly after, I started getting messages and tweets letting me know if you googled “Mobile Enterprise Expert” my name popped up on google at the top. I almost started to blush as I thought “With great power comes great responsibility”

With the aggressive goal of publishing two mobile enterprise formulas (thesis) this year and starting a Mobile Enterprise Video Blog/News Channel and trying to grow and moderate a Sub Reddit for Mobile Enterprise my hands are full. Not to forget  – building award winning enterprise apps for my clients to keep the lights on : )

This is going to be a big year for myself, as a mobile enterprise adoption strategist, plus for Innovi Mobile and of course the entire Mobile Enterprise industry. Like it or not, enterprise mobile is about to catch on like wild fire. So be prepared but dont forget my catch phrase -“Without adoption, you have nothing.”

Long story short – thank you. With out my mentors, previous client, current ones, all my app developers and network I would not of got where I am today.

Daniel DiMassa, Mobile Enterprise Expert and Adoption Strategist




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