Asked to Live Tweet WebCongress Conference Nov 13th and 14th

Our friends at Web Congress Miami have offered me 20 platinum passes and a free booth to live tweet promote this Miami conference.


I wont be taking the booth, thanks though Ouali & team, that way I can spend more time in the events and hanging with all of you.

Now that Webcongress sold for 25 million, Im very proud to say I met Ouali early on and public spoke with him, plus hit many Google Glass meetups together. Cheers to him and their Webcongress Miami amazing team for helping the Miami tech scene.


WebCongress Summit is described as a full 2 day Digital Marketing Event covering Technical Innovations that brings together web professionals and media outlets from all over North America, Europe, and Latin America with one principal goal: teaching online marketing strategies by involving leading companies in the industry.


Yes, the executives from the best tech companies will be there. Yes, you will see the most advanced social marketing tips and strategies today. And yes, some of the biggest brands and smartest technology companies in digital and social will be speaking.


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