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So for today’s enterprise app guide we are asking an enterprise mobility expert from down under!

Adam Sivell is the author at Enterprise Mobile Tips and Tricks and hails from Australia.


 So Adam, with Blackberry enterprise apps dying off. What comes first, build the Android enterprise app or the iOS enterprise app?

Adam Sivell Enterprise Apps

In a mobile landscape that continues to evolve, where rapid change is the norm. Think quickly about the following factors when considering which OS to develop first:

  • Target Audience and Geography
  • Technology & Resources
  • Application Purpose

Over relatively short periods of time the popularity of mobile devices changes rapidly in different geographies and with different demographics. Do your due diligence and understand your target audience whether they be tweens in the USA or business people in India. You might be surprised to learn that they are using quite different devices and operating systems.


Factor in your development model, the capability of in-house technology and tools, as well as the availability of skilled resources for Java and/or Objective C. Apple has less models and more standardization than with Android. Android has more flexibility in some areas and can be quickly published.


Don’t forget to consider the purpose of the application and associated feature set. Your decision to go IOS or Android should be weighted based on the current monetization factors and reach. A different approach may be warranted if selling an application directly as opposed to providing an application to compliment a brand or existing service.


Dont forget to follow Adam on Twitter: @AdSivell or check out his enterprise mobility blog, Enterprise Mobile Tips and Tricks

-Daniel DiMassa [Twitter] [G+]


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