5 Mobile Applications to Boost Your Workplace Productivity – Visage/InnoviMobile Collab!


Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

When it comes to productivity and efficiency at work, mobile apps that save both time and money are integral to a company’s overall success. CRN’s rated these Top 5 Best Enterprise Apps in October 2013. Six months later, the apps have received some upgrades — some good, some not so good. We asked our experts at mobile enterprise companies Visage Mobile and InnoviMobile to review these hot enterprise apps, to see if their updated versions are up to snuff.

enterprise apps

1) Biba by Biba Systems: Biba offers an easier way to organize conference calls among co-workers. Find the full details about Biba and Joanne Sydney (InnoviMobile)’s updated review here.

2) Worx Home by Citrix Systems: Worx Home is an all-in-one app organizer. Read the full description of Worx Home and Daniel DiMassa (InnoviMobile)’s updated review at the link.

3) HP Flow CM by Hewelett-Packard: HP Flow CM provides document management through a cloud-based platform. Read about HP Flow CM and David Robinson (InnoviMobile)’s updated review.

4) Introhive: Introhive is an enterprise platform that enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate on sales leads and networking. Find out more about Introhive and Justin Keller (Visage Mobile)’s updated review here.

5) Quip: Quip is a word processor for tablet, smartphone and desktop. Find a full description of Quip and Neil Cohen (Visage Mobile)’s updated review.

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