3 Enterprise App Questions with Intel’s David Buchholz, IT Principal Engineer | Mobility Expert Interviews

David Buchholz is an IT Principal Engineer who has collected some great stories in his 17 years at Intel. This can be expected from someone who monitors the globe looking for the next big IT trend and predicts how they will shape and influence the enterprise.

1) In 2013, what will be hotter internal employee facing apps OR external (market) consumer facing apps?

“Internal”, David quickly replies.“Enterprises have had market apps and now have ‘been-there-done-that’. Therefore, they are starting to invest and plan roadmaps for internal apps to answer the question: ‘How do I enable my own employees?’”

2) What is the biggest issue in enterprise mobility?

“There is a change of mindset” he explained, and then really hit home how fast technology is moving when he said: “Its not a technology or security roadblock anymore. But can be a HR or Legal roadblock”

3) I’d love to get feedback on Mobile Enterprise Adoption Forumla, before I write my “thesis” on it. What are your thoughts on it?

David stressed one word when it came to adoption. “Experience”.
He told a story dealing with his first crack at rolling out a social tool, which wasn’t quickly adopted.
“Its not, I want Facebook. Instead, we learned its I want an experience that does……”
“People are lazy” he joked, “But they want a positive overall experience with the highest ease.”
“…you can make a simple 5 step program, but if Steps C to D are the easiest, they will only do those”

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