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Developing an enterprise mobile strategy for your tablet app or smartphone app requires a partner with many years of experience and exposure to a variety of enterprise software integrations. Choosing the right mobile development partner to augment your existing IT resources is crucial given the many priorities and constrained budgets of today’s IT organizations.

Our company was started in 2008, which was the beginning of the modern mobile era. Although mobile applications have been around since early in the decade it was Apple’s iPhone that made smartphone apps, and later tablet apps, ubiquitous with consumers, and more recently in enterprises.

Innovi Mobile uses a successful and simple five-step process, which includes mobile strategy, prototype, development, testing, and long-term product management. Developing enterprise tablet apps and smartphone apps before web apps, known as “mobile first”, is becoming prevalent in IT departments. Our process-driven approach has helped our enterprise customers succeed and bring immediate value to their organizations with low ramp-up time in bringing these initiatives to fruition.

There are several components in today’s enterprises that could be a part of your mobile initiative, such as cloud-based systems and internal proprietary applications. It’s certain that most enterprises leverage applications such as SAP, Oracle, and combined with internal proprietary applications that have been developed for desktop web browsers. Today, these implementations could be integrated into a mobile experience that far surpasses the usability of these systems collectively rather than separately.

The mobile ecosystem can include business process apps, sales apps, dashboards, and secure access to data behind firewalls. Mobile strategy is not just about mobile app development. It’s about looking at the infrastructure collectively and determining how to deliver a productive experience for end users and help them in their daily workflow.

Research has shown that corporate purchases of laptop and desktop computers is decreasing and companies are relying more on mobile technology to reduce costs, improve experience, and provide flexibility needed by today’s ever growing and demanding mobile workforce. Mobile operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are providing a streamlined environment for maintaining devices and applications. Without the “heaviness” and management of desktop computers IT departments can allocate resources better and control costs.

We are structured to become an integral part of your IT organization by providing tools and a structure where mobile apps can be developed quickly. We can take care of the user interface, user experience, infrastructure architecture, and graphics for you. Or if you have these resources in-house we’d be glad to work with your existing team and implement as specified by their design.

Innovi Mobile is on a mission to help enterprise customers determine how to best leverage their investment in existing IT assets and develop not only a plan to use mobile apps in their environment but also execute it. We guarantee it. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to perform that we offer an industry-first 125% guarantee that you will love working with our talented team. Connect with us today to find out how we can help with your mobile strategy and development needs.