Mobile App Expert For Enterprise Adoption

Speaking on an ITEXPO panel on Google Glass and Enterprise Wearables Apps

Big thanks to everyone that was snapping pics of us two Super Nerds at #ITEXPO!

Great panel sitting with Alex @geilt today as Ouali @ouali talked Google Glass and wearable apps. I’ll post some pics and tweets Im finding below.

To sum up some of my points:

-Even 10 mins prior while getting my badge at the booth, an employee asked “Is that a camera”. So yes you hear that a lot. To diffuse the paranoia and explain the benefits and I always start by mentioning the Translate App and the recently viral Firefighter/Developer story.

-Mentioned my term Glass Mugged. Means cant go five feet without someone running after you to stop you and ask questions or see it.

-Best App? Hands down navigation for me. Mentioned I stress tested it with 2 road trips over 1000 miles in a month.

  • Talked about the clean card UI. Slowly changing the industry to pro-minimalist
  • Something as simple as changing the color of the estimated arrival time tells me traffic forecast.
  • Turns off until need direction, like an upcoming turn
  • Smart enough to know that turning head while using walking directions should move map. Not on driving mode

-Battery life currently is not so hot.

-Wifi and/or Bluetooth connection. With unlimited plans starting to be capped, people are worried about going over data allowances.