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#1 Ranked Mobile App Expert

Mobile App Expert, Daniel DiMassa, is the top blogger at for another year. 

So we have all heard the line: If you look up _______ in the dictionary your picture is there. har har har..

Putting that bad 90s movie line aside, in this day and age of Google its quite an honor to tell someone –

Why don’t you google Mobile App Expert and see who is there? Or  Mobile Enterprise Expert, etc

Just so they see my ugly mug, as the first response. Talk about instant credibility! At every event when the old “dinosaurs” in the industry try looking down at me as the punk young kid newcomer, it gets them pretty quiet, pretty quick. Of course, this only buys me time, and I have to prove my expertise in conversations from prospective clients to industry thought leaders.  But that is the fun part and how I earned the nickname: Enterprise Mobility Bad Boy

So thanks for the honor, Google.

I hope to hold the rank #1 “Mobile App Expert” title for many years to come!

Daniel DiMassa, Mobile App Expert